Local Writers

'The Candle and The Bed'
by Patsy Murphy
'Copper Kettle Chronicles'
by Clare Bostock
'Storm Over Merseyside'
by Sarah Ashton
'Holy Communion'
by John Lyons
by John Lyons
'Short Snorter'
by Jack Brotheridge
'The Rules Of Engagement'
by Charles Rogan
'The Nightman before Christmas'
by Charles Rogan
The Lady of the Fountain
by Alan Barnes
Granda's Damson Jam
by Monica Golding
Cocky Boo
by Jim Frost
Farewell, My Dragon
by Fraser Brown

We thank John Williams for providing a link to his popular web page www.liverpooltales.com on which you will find a collection of John's short stories and poems. You can also read a selection of John's stories in his new book - for details visit here.

If you would like to make a contribution to our Writers' Page then email your story to Sean.Dixon@scottipress.org or Greg.Creighton@scottipress.org and we'll include it on this page for all the world to read.