The Mighty Brit

The twenty eighth of April
the year two thousand and two
Villa Park the Venue
With sky's of grey, not blue.

The Might Brit V Paxton
the prize The Umbro Cup
oh what a lovely sight
to see Phillo pick it up.

The first minutes are shaky?
as Burkey makes a save,
but the lads composed themselves
each one so strong and brave.

With the second half just underway
and Paxton in a daze
a screamer hit the Paxton net,
one nil, it's Peter Hayes.

A cracking slide by Godfrey
and defensive slip so tragic
young Morgan in possession
once more to weave his magic.

He seemed to run forever
with no wind left in his sails
then slipped the ball across the box
two nil it's Peter Dales.

The champions of England,
full of passion, pride and grit
you really made us proud of you
well done The Mighty Brit.

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