A most important event of my life happened (like millions of others) when I reached the magical age of seven, in 1927; the year of my First Holy Communion; for which we were prepared by our Priests and Teachers.

Our Mothers had the economic struggle of providing suitable attire for the great day. The shortage of money 'had' to be overcome; something 'had'
to be sacrificed, when priorities of this nature came along.

A beautiful black velvet suit (see picture) with white lace collar and cuffs was tailored by a lady of our parish, St Sylvesters. The photograph was taken by (as per inscription on the back of the print) "Laurence the Portrait Specialist, Studios throughout the Kingdom."

llfont.jpg - 12k

Over the years comments about the photograph included remarks such as, "Little Lord Fauntleroy," or "The Young Prince Standing Before Cromwell," and "When Did You Last See Your Father." I was also likened to a famous child film star of early Hollywood, "Freddie Bartholomew."

When the great event was all over, that beautiful suit was, probably, carefully wrapped and "popped" into Joe's Pawnshop at the corner of Hopwood Street and Latimer Street.

Like the old saying goes, "They don't make them like that these days!"
"What, the suit or the boy?"

By John Lyons