I was only thinking the other day
Of all the folks down scottie road way
The way they talked,the things they did
I was lucky to be there when i was a kid

The wash-house
The pawn shop
The old mary ellen's

The handcartsin greaty
With orange and lemon's

Paddy's market for bargain's
On saturday afternoon
The best dressed kid
On monday at school.

Then off to the pictures
With two penny fades
And the cowboy films
With old gabby haye's

Then home for tea
And a little play out
It wouldn't be long now
Before mam would shout.

By Anne Murray


The powers have decided
That the old houses have to come down
But it's not just the bricks and mortar
But the flesh and blood of a town

The streets not juet a row of houses
But a place to be born,live and die
Just ordinary wonderfull people
That feel pain,have dreams,laugh and cry

The cranes will be here in the morning
To pull down my dreams of the past
A whole way of life past on from generation
Will be gone with one almighty blast

So goodbye to my dreams that i dreamed
And the ecstacy of love that i found
So one last lingering look i will take
Before it all comes tumbling down.

By Anne Murray