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Concerned that the proud history of Liverpool's working horses would be lost forever, the Retired Carters' Association began an appeal, in 1997, to raise money for a permanent monument to the city's horses. The Scottie Press and especially Ron Formby has been for a long time an enthusiastic supporter of this worthy cause. On May 1st the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Mike Storey, at a prominent site close to the Maritime Museum and the new Museum of Liverpool, unveiled a life size figure of a working horse by artist Judy Boyt. The sculpture, Waiting, is so called because it shows a working dock horse waiting to set off on it's next journey. The date chosen for the ceremony is special as it was the traditional date of the May Day horse parades. Also present were four horses from the British Shire Horse Society which are pictured suitably dressed for the occasion.

Introducing the audience to the proceedings was Phil Redmond, Chair of the trustees of National museums Liverpool, he was followed by Sharon Brown the Curator of land transport and industry for National Museums Liverpool who spoke about the important part that the carters and their horses played in the development of Liverpool as a port. She also gave a special mention to Ron Formby of the Scottie Press who was unfortunately unable to attend due to illness. The Lord Mayor of Liverpool Mike Storey unveiled the statue. After the unveiling I spoke to some of the people from the museum and people involved with the campaign.

Joe Magee still sprightly proclaimed himself to be the youngest surviving carter aged 77, " It's a great statue and a wonderful way to remember the carter's. I drove a full team of horses by the time I was 17, even when I joined the army when I came home on leave I would stand on the corner of Hopwood Street looking for a job, the extra money always came in handy." Sharon Brown was equally impressed with the finished statue " it's exactly what the carters wanted." Phil Redmond said that for him, " the statue is a perfect example of public art. It is something that is visually stimulating and unlike a lot of art is accessible, it can be physically touched. It is a tangible representation of what the carters gave to the city." A number of the old carters were present at the event, including Jimmy Doran and Joe Magee, pictured here in front of the statue along with friends. The event was well attended by members of the public who were then given an opportunity to look and touch the magnificent statue which is a fitting tribute to the work done for the city by all the old carters and their horses, who helped make Liverpool one of the major ports in the world.

Thomas Stopforth- Liverpool Carter

Julie Brown sent in these photographs of her grandfather Thomas Stopforth who was a Liverpool Carter , as was his father and uncle. The picture was taken at the time of the Queen's Coronation. Julie says she thinks it is fantastic news that the Carters (and horses) are at last being honoured for all the hard work they did.

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We thank Jimmy Doran Liverpool ex Carters Association for sending a picture of a painting by Tony Benson of a carting scene on the Dock Road by Millers Bridge. A George Davies & Sons team are pulling a cart of American Tobacco to the Tobacco Warehouse at Stanley Dock. The Liverpool ex Caters are hoping that money can be raised from the sale of this painting and two others currently at Carling Gallery to put towards their ongoing fundraise for their Liverpool Working Horse Monument.

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For almost 10 years former Liverpool Carters' have been fundraising to secure the £120,000 required to have a monument commissioned, made and dedicated to the Liverpool Working Horse. A spokesperson for the former Carters' said; "We never thought it would take this long". For over 8 years the Scottie Press has supported the efforts of the former Carters' by publishing news of their many and varied fundraise events and often accompanying these articles with old photographs of yesteryear days when the horses and carts were a recognised (and now much-cherished) feature of the way people and goods were transported around the city of Liverpool. In 2002 the Vauxhall History & Heritage Group commissioned a plaque that was located and unveiled on the outside wall of the Throstles Nest Hotel on Scotland Road. Now in 2009 Scottie Press continues its support for the former Carters' by voicing up their hopes that a 'final-push' can raise enough money to have their Liverpool Working Horse Monument completed this year. Donations can be made to The Liverpool Carters Monument Appeal Fund, PO Box 136 Liverpool, L14 5WZ. Or email

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We thank Frank Hird for providing the Archive Collection with a photo, which pictures Frank (now aged 76) in school cap with the late Albert Hilton who was a former member of the Carters Horse Memorial Committee. Regular Scottie Press readers will be very aware of the effort that Albert put into fundraising for the Liverpool Horse Monument.

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Our thanks go to ex Carter, Tony Harrison for providing this web page with two photographs taken in the early 1950s. We added the photos to our Carter's Archive Collection and we wonder if readers can recall when and why the photos were taken.

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Our thanks go to Harry Wooding for providing the website with this photo which pictures his father George Wooding with Corporation Horse 'Delightful' No 153 after winning at the Liverpool Show in 1936. Harry tells us that his two sisters made all the flowers.

City Council donates £35000
to Horse Monument Fund

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Members of the ex Carter's Groups who have been fundraising for over 5 years to raise money for a life-size monument to the Liverpool Working Horse were given a tremendous boost with a donation of £35,000 from Liverpool City Council. City Council Leader, Warren Bradley is photographed (Monday 9th January 2006) presenting the cheque to Ethel Wooding (Treasurer of the Liverpool Carters Working Horse Monument Fund). Warren Bradley said; "I am delighted the council has been able to make this contributions to the fund. The monument will honour the important work done by the horses". Sharon Brown (Secretary of the Carters Horse Monument Fund) said; "We are absolutely delighted. This donation means so much because work on the life-size monument can now get under way". If you would like to find out more about the Liverpool Working Horse Monument you can contact Sharon at the Museum of Liverpool Life. Telephone 0151 478 4064.


The Scottie Press would like to express its sympathy to the family of Albert Hilton who sadly died on Sunday 25th September. Albert (87) had 60 years experience in horse and motor transport and he was a member of the ex Carterís Group who are still trying to have a life size monument of a Liverpool Working Horse made and sited at Liverpoolís Albert Dock. The fundraising for this project has been ongoing for over 6 years and as such Albert Hilton was very much involved in the promotion of the project and the fundraising events and activities.

Horse Monument Albert and Monument
Albert is photographed (end right) at one of the events promoting the Liverpool Working Horse Monument and is holding a scale model of the monument, which is also pictured. In recent weeks there has been some encouraging news about this monument. Alas too late for Albert.

Albert with Gilbert and Prince

Albertís death has saddened all members of the ex Carter's Group and indeed everyone who knew him, for he was a thorough gentleman and had longed to see the monument in his lifetime. We picture Albert (in his younger days) when he was in a Liverpool May Day Parade leading two of his favourite horses Gilbert and Prince along Limestreet.

The latest news on the Horse Monument is that Liverpool City Council is to match fund the £35,000 already raised by the Carterís. This will bring the fund total to £70,000. It is hoped that Lottery money can fund the balance of £50,000 in order for the life sized monument of the Liverpool Working Horse to be made and sited at Hartley Quay - Albert Dock Ė which was once a scene of great activity involving the working horses of Liverpool.

The Scottie Press feels that as events commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the ending of the Second World War in 1945 are nearing completion it would be fitting for funding to be secured this year (2005). By doing so a tribute could be given to the valiant work done by the Liverpool Working Horse during World War 2.

We welcome readersí thoughts on this suggestion.
Please email


Carters Corner

Dear Scottie Press, All the ex Carting lads have asked could you put this photograph on the website. When we look back at this corner (Hopwood Street Ė Scotland Road) We all have good memories. I got a carting job off this corner, driving a team of horses just before I went into the Army.

Hopwood Street off Scotland Road was the Liverpool Carterís and Motormenís corner. If you were out of work you could go to the ĎCarterís Cornerí at 7.30am and Haulage Companies would send their foreman or runner. If they wanted people to work holiday relief or if people were off sick, you could get work. Some got a good run of work and some even got a full time job.

The Carterís and Motormenís Corner was also a ĎUnion Cornerí. Our Office was at 400 Scotland Road (Highway House). The Southend had theirs at Warwick Street, Toxteth, and in Bootle it was at Balliol Road.



Carters Painting

Jimmy Doran and the Committee of the Liverpool Carter's Association would like to thank Anthony Benson for his offer of support to the Carter's Association's efforts to raise funds for a monument to 'The Liverpool Working Horse'.

Anthony will be donating four oil colour paintings which will reflect the 250 years of service that the Working Horse gave to Liverpool. Jimmy Doran and Albert Hilton are photographed with the first of the four paintings and we will feature the other paintings when they have been finished and presented to Jimmy and his Committee.


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The Liverpool Carter's Association has sold another limited edition statue as part if their ongoing fundraising campaign to have a life-size monument to 'The Liverpool Working' Horse sited on Hartley Quay at the Albert Dock. Liverpool City Council has purchased the statue, which is a scaled-down version of the full sized monument. Liverpool's Lord Mayor, Ron Gould, is pictured accepting the statue on Thursday 4th September 2003.

Members of The Liverpool Carter's Association are also photographed, and they are delighted with the City Council's purchase of the statue which will take them another step along the road of achieving their target of raising enough money to finance the manufacture of the full size monument. We have more news and memories about Carter's on our website click here


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The Vauxhall History & Heritage Group were delighted to be able to support a group of ex Carter's in their intentions to honour the 'Liverpool Carter's and their Horses'. This was achieved when a plaque that acknowledged a proud 25-year history of carting in Liverpool was unveiled on Scotland Road on Thursday 27th March.

All at the unveiling ceremony were very pleased to welcome back to Scotland Road, Radio Merseyside's, Linda McDermott. Linda is the President of the Vauxhall History & Heritage Group and readers of the Scottie Press will be aware that Linda had a very serious car accident over 12 months ago and suffered severe leg injuries. Linda arrived for the unveiling well in advance of the 10am ceremony and left the Throstles Nest Pub shortly before 12.45pm having taken time to speak to all who attended the plaque unveiling. A line of thanks is given to Kevin, Kathleen and staff at the Throstles Nest Pub for wonderful support to the Carter's Plaque and for providing a very enjoyable after unveiling buffet.

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We would also like to extend a line of thanks to Local Carter, Eric Wheeler who brought along his Horse (Rosie) and Cart to enable this group photograph to be taken in front of St Anthony's Church. Eric and his Son are often seen around the streets and road's of Liverpool with their Horse and Cart from which they sell fruit and veg.


Our thanks go to readers who are interested in the Carter's webpage and who have provided the photos below.

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Pictured above are Matty Campbell and Billy Murray when they were in the Veterinary Corps during the 2nd World War. Both Matty and Billy were Carter's from the Scotland Road area working for a wide variety of carting/haulage firms.

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Pictured above is Matty Campbell once again but this time when he was taking part in a local show. Matty was very well respected for his success at local shows Sadly Matty died some years ago but he is still remembered with great affection.

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The picture above shows Joe Bellis with a horse called Tucker after a walk along Vauxhall Road. The photo taken outside Thomas Harrison & Son's Stables in Naylor Street.

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Pictured above is Jimmy Smith who drove for C.W.H. Taylors & Son. Jimmy started as a Junior Carter and stayed with horses up until they were replaced with motor transport.

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The picture above shows ex Carter, Jimmy Doran with Noble sharing a look at some photographs of working horses of yesteryear that featured in a special newspaper printed by the Liverpool Echo.


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We feature a selection of photographs showing some snapped memories from the carting life of Tommy Bainbridge - a member of the Liverpool ex Carter's Group. Tommy is still showing horses up and down the country and he has won numerous awards during the many years he has been involved with carting and horse-shows. Tommy has been assisted at the horse shows for many years by ex Carter Jimmy Smith.

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To enhance this webpage with an appreciation of what part the May Day Processions and Horse Shows played in people's lives we welcome receiving your photographs and accompanying memories. You might have some special photographs or just a snap taken at a horse parade or show event, whatever, if you think it's interesting and could help remind people of the history & heritage and traditions of working horses in Liverpool we will be pleased to feature it on this webpage.

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Send your photographs and memories to
Scottie Press Community Newspaper,
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