St Augustines
Great Howard Street, Liverpool

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The Scottie Press is very pleased to offer its support and encouragement to Jim Fitzsimons who has written a journal/booklet about St Augustines Parish. Jim has now published his completed work.

Assistance with the production of a draft copy of the booklet (as featured on this webpage) has been given by the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council's 'IT' Centre. The 'IT' Centre are very keen to offer such forms of help to other people who may wish to write booklets/poems etc on and about the History and Heritage of the Scotland Road and Vauxhall area of Liverpool.

The formation of the Parish of St Augustine was made at a meeting of parishioners in St Mary's Highfield street schoolroom on 12th October 1848. Great Howard Street was chosen as the site for the new church because of the volume of people, mostly Catholic, living in the area at that time. Records show that in 1848 in the 20 streets of the future parish of St Augustine there were 16,000 people.

Jim's sentimental and factual journal is written for former parishioners and descendants to help them become aware of how their forebears struggled to develop what was to become the parish of St Augustines. It is hoped that the reading of this history will give some pleasure and enlightenment about the folk who lived in this small area of Liverpool called the parish of St Augustines.

This history was mainly recorded by the author from archives and experiences in his youth, plus incidents as told by former members of the parish.

Jim would like the reader to become aware of the Liverpool Irish influence for the betterment of our city and country.

If you would like to find out more about his booklet on St Augustines Parish you can write to Jim - 47 The Beeches, Calderstones, Liverpool L18 3 LT or phone Jim on 0151 737 1122.

You can also contact Jim via and we will forward any emails to Jim.

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