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The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO) has been given the go-ahead to convert the historic Everton church of St Mary of the Angels into its new rehearsal room. The decision was made at Liverpool Town Hall on Monday 24th April 2006.

In this increasingly secular age it is proving difficult to find ways to keep historic churches fit for the purpose, which they were designed for. By allowing the RLPO to use the church the city council planning committee felt that the RLPO could ensure the survival of the Grade 2 listed church, which has very strong links with the shipping history of Liverpool most notably the famous White Star Line.

The RLPO will use the church as a rehearsal centre for its orchestra and choir. They also have plans to expand its community programme, which will see the church being used as a cultural resource facility within the local community. Added to which is a promise from the RLPO to allow access to the church by appointment.

The Scottie Press believes that church and especially the Italian Renaissance interior artefacts and fittings should become part of the landmarks within Liverpool's Capital of Culture 2008 status and have opportunities to attract tourist attention and visits. We sincerely hope that a way can be found to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from this magnificent structure.


St Mary of the Angels

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is in discussions with the Archdiocese of Liverpool about acquiring St Mary of the Angels Church to use for rehearsal space. They say the building could provide a range of opportunities for the Orchestra including increased performances and events. The Orchestra's use of the church building would establish strong relationships between the RLPO and the community on its doorstep. This would assist with the ongoing regeneration plans for the Everton area of Liverpool 3, and enable the building to make a valuable contribution to the life of the city. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra has pledged to make a significant contribution to preserving the church building and its Italian Renaissance works of art.


His Grace, Archbishop Patrick Kelly, has contacted the Scottie Press to advise that steps are being taken by properly authorized agents to prepare for essential repairs to be carried out to St Mary of the Angels Church. This is in accordance with the decisions and priorities determined by the Trustees in fulfillment of their specific responsibilities.

St Mary of the Angels

In recent weeks there has been work carried out on the overgrown bushes alongside the church in Bute Street, which is pictured above. This work has revealed the church bell see pictured below.

Notice Board Church Bell

St Mary of the Angels Church was built for the Franciscans (opened in 1910) by Amy Elizabeth Imrie, who was the adopted daughter of William Imrie (co owner of the White Star Shipping Line). It is claimed to be the finest example of Italian Renaissance architecture outside Rome. Known as the Liverpool Vatican, the marble of the church was brought to life by local Italian craftsmen.


There have been calls for a proper inventory of the fixture and fittings inside St Mary of the Angels Church, Fox Street, Liverpool 3. This will enable the promotion of the need to secure a viable and sustainable future for the church to highlight the quality of the church's Italian antiquity.

Sacristy Door Sacristy Door

It is recorded that the two doors which lead to the sacristy once stood in one of the old Palaces in Rome and still bear the 'Coat Of Arms' of the ancient owners of them.


Open Doorway

A sight that many former parishioners of St Mary of the Angels Church thought they would never see again, though they hoped they would, was the door of the church open again. Our photograph above shows that on Saturday 26th November 2005 this happened, though not for the reasons hoped for but to allow for the removal and skipping of unwanted furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Skipped Furniture

As is recorded on this webpage and other sections of the website the church doors were closed to parishioners and the general public in 2001 as part of a programme of 'pastoral regeneration'. The brief opening of the doors (November 2005) gave some passers by a chance to have a glimpse of the splendour of the church, which originally opened in 1910.

Church Interior Church Interior
Church Interior Church Interior
Pieta One of the Stations of the Cross

Our photographs of the church interior show the reasons why a campaign to preserve the church and secure for it a viable and sustainable future, that will open the doors much more regularly still continues.

Side Altar Side Altar Side Altar
Stained Glass Window

If you wish to add your support to this campaign contact Kay Kelly by telephoning 0151 207 1830


Kay with Christmas Decoration Floral Decoration

Several times a year Kay Kelly decorates with flowers the railings in front of the doors to St Mary of the Angels Church, Fox Street, Liverpool 3. Kay is pictured putting the finishing touches to her Christmas floral decoration, which as on previous occasions acknowledges that the construction of the church was paid for by Amie Elizabeth Imrie (adopted daughter of William Imrie, co owner of the White Star Shipping Line Titanic Fame). The flowers chosen were Poinsettias (Flowers of Hope).

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