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Rockfield Road 1900

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Rockfield Road 2002

For the past four years Rockfield Area Resident's Committee have been striving for regeneration of their area and the survival of their once magnificent Victorian Terraced properties. With the recent announcement that Liverpool Football Club will be moving to the nearby Stanley Park this hopefully will become a reality to their aspirations and dreams.

It has already been commented by English Heritage, Members of Parliament and private investors, that the properties in this area should be preserved and regenerated to 21st century standards and not demolished. An ambitious plan for the area to be called Stanley Park Village was drawn up by Robbie Quinn, an association member. It would involve conversion of a section of the houses for professional artists based at the Westbeth project in New York, which converted a laboratory into 383 work and dormitory units.

Whilst this is one possibility, other suggestions from the committee have been restoring the facades of the houses to their former Victorian splendour whilst bringing the insides of the houses in line to the 21st century. With Liverpool's recent boom in film making, the area could prove to be an ideal set.

Essentially, the committee believes the houses should be renovated, so that decent people would want to live in the properties, and raise their children there. Hopefully with the backing of Liverpool City Council, RSL's, private landlords and of course the future site of LFC, this will become reality.

The committee has stated the following:
"One only has to look around to see the phenomenal decline of this vicinity. We realise the City has too many two up and two down houses spread throughout the so called fringe areas, and that demolition for some is inevitable.
However, in our particular area we have splendid examples of the larger Victorian dwellings, that were once abundant throughout the City until the mass demolition of the 1960s. Since that era renovation rather than demolition came to the fore as the previous mistakes were realised.
We are also aware that some Anfield Residents are against LFC moving into Stanley Park. We live 'on top of the ground' and have carried out a private survey amongst our residents, 80% are fully supportive of LFC's proposed move into the park.

If Everton Football Club move to the King's Dock, and when Liverpool Football Club move into Stanley Park, the City would then boast two superb stadiums for the 21st century. This would not only benefit football but the City as a whole and help enhance the bid for the Capital of Culture award. As far as this area is concerned, with a new stadium, regeneration and a restored still large Stanley Park, the tourism potential would be tremendous. Tourism is now recognised as one of the cities greatest assets and future, and where are the city's tourist attractions - The City Centre and South Liverpool!

Sadly, North Liverpool is woefully lacking anything other than LFC in that department. As an example, an area of South Liverpool not too unlike this vicinity is Lark Lane, this has become a 'trendy' community attracting both visitors and locals alike. This vicinity could become the first 'trendy' portion of North Liverpool retaining its Victorian features and so enhancing a 21st century stadium together with plans for Stanley Park.

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For some years, residents from the vicinity of LFC and into Breckfield area have lived with rapid decline including numerous arson attacks, antisocial behaviour and wide spread vandalism of a once fine area. Therefore a fantastic opportunity is about to unfold and hopefully the latter can be put behind us and we can have a new quality of and surroundings for the 21st century"

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