St Sylvesters's Reunion St Sylvesters's Reunion
St Sylvesters's Reunion St Sylvesters's Reunion

On Saturday 15th May 2004 - the Concert Room of the Silvestrian Club was filled with current and former St Sylvester's Church parishioners who had gathered together for a Reunion Night. Amongst those in attendance were members of the Callaghan family who have expressed their thanks to all who they met on the night for making the night a very special occasion. Also in attendance were members of the successful St Sylvester's School Football Team 1953/54. Also photographed on the night are former school friends.

St Anthony's Reunion St Anthony's Reunion
St Anthony's Reunion St Anthony's Reunion

On Saturday 22nd May 2004 - it was the turn of current and former St Anthony's Church parishioners to gather together for their Reunion Night which is part of ongoing celebrations marking the 200th Anniversary of St Anthony's Church (1804-2004). Once again the night provided for opportunities for people to meet up and talk about their memories.

We welcome hearing from readers have memories of either St Sylvester's Parish or St Anthony's Parish for inclusion on webpages already established on our Archive section.


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Our thanks go to all who have contacted the Scottie Press to express their thanks for and praise of the Scotland Road 2003 Reunion Day on Sunday 8th June. We take this opportunity to display a selection of photos taken on the day and welcome hearing from people who might have photos they took at the Reunion Day that they would like to see on-line. We also welcome hearing from readers who might like to keep the spirit of the Scotland Road 2003 Reunion alive by using the section now installed onto the Scottie Press website 'Forum' Click Here.

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A huge thank-you to Ron for organising such a superb reunion day. We were struggling to find something special for Mum and Dad's 'Golden Wedding Anniversary' so when in January we found out about the Scotland Road 2003 Reunion Day on June 8th it was heaven sent. Mum and Dad were married at St Sylvester's Church on 11th June 1953. Our thanks to everyone involved at the club and to all the acts for making it a truly unforgettable day.


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We spent a wonderful afternoon in the company of old school friends - thank you for the warm welcome at the Scotland Road 2003 Reunion Day and for the trip down memory lane.


Special congratulations and thanks for all for all your hard work that helped to make the Scotland Road 2003 Reunion happen.


Thank you for organising such a fabulous day. I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone who attended the Scotland Road 2003 Reunion Day to say thank you for bringing the community together again on such a grand scale.



Shrewsbury House Youth and Community Centre celebrates its centenary in 2003. "The Shewsy" as it is known locally has its community of past members, spread out world-wide and it is planning to reconnect thousands of them in a year long programme of events starting in the new year.

Started in an old pub in Wakefield street in 1903, the club quickly became a beacon of activity and support for young people and their families in what was then a very poor area of Liverpool. Over the decades that followed that service has changed. It has changed from being a boys club, it has changed from being a provider of food and clothes to a programme of activity and spiritual support.

The 'Shewsy' has always had links with the churches of the area and strives to deliver the Christian message of "Love Your Neighbour" in a practical way. The centenary plans are well advanced and about 20 opportunities will be spread out across 2003. They will include 4 separate decade parties - the 60s to the 90s. There will be a two-month return of the famous Friday night and sports person of the year competitions. There will be Cathedral and St Peters church reunions with famous returning names. There will be a major end of year party in town and link up with Everton Football Club whose own top flight centenary is this season and whose first ever match was played against St Peters, which is the 'Shewsy's' twin. If you want to register your interest, help or pass on your contact details then please contact

Shrewsbury House - 0151 207 0725
or Bob Hannah - 0151 330 0401


There are many districts of Liverpool that gave strong bloodline links with Scotland Road. In appreciation of this we wonder if residents of Kirkby, Norris Green, Gillmoss, Stockbridge Village, Huyton, Speke, Fazakerley etc might like to consider organising 'Scotland Road Reunion Nights for 2003'.

These reunion nights could take place in your local church club and favourite social club, even you local pub. The purpose of these local reunions would be to share with other forms of celebrations and events marking 200 years of Scotland Road's history and heritage.

It is hoped that a feature of the events will be an exhibition of old Scotland Road photographs (people and places) and interesting memorabilia. This exhibition will tour the districts of Liverpool that have strong links with Scotland Road and could form part of your reunion night. As such it could also encourage people to bring along their photos and memorabilia.

If you are interested in this please contact Ron at Scottie Press on 0151 298 1544.


Do you recognise yourself on these 'first holy communion' photographs?

hcom1953.jpg - 35k

The photograph was taken at Ashfield Street school in 1953. If you do recognise yourself or anyone else on the photograph please contact

Pat Cuffe on
01704 879396.

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The Scottie Press would also like to hear from readers who might like to share their memories about the photograph or who might have similar first holy communion photographs from the 1950's.


Calling all ex-pupils and parishioners of St Teresa's, Norris Green, Liverpool 11.In 2003 we will celebrate our 75th Anniversary and to mark the occasion there are lots of activities in the pipeline including 2 x School Reunions.

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Pictured are pupils of Form 14 at St Teresa's School - 1957. We would welcome hearing from people who have other school photographs and or photographs of parish events, weddings etc at St Teresa's Church.

The first school reunion will be on March 21st for those pupils who left between the years 1928 and 1970.
The second reunion will be on 10th October for all pupils who left after 1970.

For more details please telephone Teresa O'Reilly
0151 270 1693
or log onto