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The Summer period has been a busy one for the Kirkdale Neighbourhood Team. New initiatives as well as continuing operations have again sought to tackle anti-social behaviour throughout the area. Additionally we have begun the process of tackling those people who seek to blight our communities through the supply of drugs.

In order for us to deliver the service that our communities really want we have formed a team of officers within the neighbourhood that will be given policing tasks direct from those people who live and work in Kirkdale & Vauxhall. Operation Delaware, as the project is entitled, came about following a safety survey recently conducted in Vauxhall through which over 300 residents gave their views on what would make this a safer place. As such a ‘tasking group’ has been put together. This group of 10 people is intended to cover the concerns of the wider community and give the police team its monthly priorities. The group will meet each month and I will be responsible for reporting back as to exactly what the team has done to provide solutions to the problems.

One clear priority within the area is drugs. Our pledge is to robustly disrupt all criminal activity in this field and actively target those who sell such misery in Vauxhall & Kirkdale. Also we will target any person who supports or encourages this activity in this area. Already over the Summer the team has conducted a number of search warrants at houses connected with drug supply making over 12 arrests and recovering thousands of pounds worth of illegal drugs, stolen property, firearms including a high-velocity rifle and handguns, ammunition and other prohibited weapons. All this is to make the area a safer place in which to live and work and could not be achieved without the support of the community. As such I would appeal to anyone who has information about drug supply in the area to contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Anti-social behaviour involving the use of scrambler and quad bikes is an emerging issue that we are determined to stop. New powers given to officers by the Police Reform Act 2002 allow us to effectively deal with this problem for the first time. Officers can, under certain circumstances, warn people using vehicles in a dangerous or distressing way. If the vehicle continues to be used in such a manner within the next year, or the people concerned use any other vehicle in that way then police officers can seize and remove the vehicle in question. This means that the owners of vehicles used to cause nuisance or a hazard will incur significant costs and ultimately lose their vehicle. The team have already seized a number of motorbikes and will continue to exercise our powers in support of the community.

Following on from our work with local young people on the tall ship Zebu, we are looking to expand our activities. Building on earlier work we have become involved with St. Paul’s Trust. This charity aims to encourage young people to learn social and practical skills and divert them away from crime and disorder. The team works closely with local schools and have a 100% success rate in supporting school-leavers to gain employment with the Merchant Navy. Constable Les Harvey will be encouraging local young people to become involved in this project through all of our local schools.

In order that we might further strengthen our links to the communities that we serve the neighbourhood team are looking for volunteers to work alongside us as Special Constables. This would see us expand and enhance the policing service within the area and really draw on the experience and knowledge of local people. Anyone who is interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a Special Constable, holding all the same powers as regular officers, should call Shirley Greenwell at Police Headquarters on

(0151) 777 8244.

We will continue to consult the community and deliver against identified problems. This is of course only possible with your help and support and I look forward to again receiving both in the coming months.
Jonathan Roy
Stanley Road Police Station,
Liverpool L5 7QQ.
Tel. 0151 777 8640.
Fax. 0151 777 8699.


Scotland Road Flower Bed

On behalf of residents in the Scotland Road area the Scottie Press would like to express thanks to the Management and Staff at ServiceTeam who have ensure that the Flower Bed on the traffic island junction of Scotland Road and Stanley Road has been in full colour this summer. The flower bed was originally established in 2001 as part of efforts to improve the local landscape.


oldbank.jpg - 35k

The old Trustees Savings Bank on Scotland Road has been given new life by Steve Melling who has opened (September 2004) MIL Discount (selling quality ex catalogue and mail order surplus). Many readers will remember the old Trustees Savings Bank as being located at 354 Scotland Road on the corner of Newsham Street. It was closed as a bank in 1984 and was up to this time the 'last bank on Scotland Road'.

We hope that readers who do have memories and perhaps some old photographs will help us in recording the history of this building which was and still is a prominent landmark. We hope to feature the history of the old bank building on the Scottie Press website's Archive section.

A Vision for North Liverpool

Great Homer Street Urban Village View Towards ST Anthony's Church

Liverpool City Council has identified a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the face of North Liverpool. St Modwen Developments Limited have submitted ideas to Liverpool City Council for a Great Homer Street Urban Village which they say will be created by the community for the community.

St Modwen say they have extensive experience in regenerating 'tired' communities and they will use their expertise in retail-led regeneration schemes to encourage a new large state of the art superstore to be at the heart of a district centre and so act as a magnet to attract visitors. The superstore would be operated by one of the UK's premier retailers and will offer the very best in convenience based retailing together with a café, restaurant and petrol filling station. It is hoped that a variety of retail and leisure units will be developed alongside and around the superstore which will appeal to local, regional and national operators. They also see expanding St Martins Market on a full time basis. There would also be a new community facilities campus integrating with Everton Park Sports and Leisure Centre. This may include doctors surgery, health centre, pharmacy, library and IT centre, Surestart nursery, employment training centre, offices and public conveniences. New housing areas around Chapel Gardens, Adelaide Place, Roscommon Street and Netherfield Road are proposed with environmental enhancements to other existing housing areas and key frontages.

St Modwen Developments Limited say they will engage with the community in extensive consultations and we welcome your thoughts on these proposals for a Great Homer Street Urban Village. You can make a comment on the Scottie Press website 'Guestbook' or email


'£38 million to be spent on city'

North Liverpool is set for a £38m boost from new spending plans by an improvement agency. The North Liverpool Partnership has unveiled a £4.5 investment programme which will lever in £34 million more from public and private sources. Projects include an urban village around Everton Park, the multi-million pound regeneration for Breckfield, environmental improvements in Shaw Street, and the regeneration of the Scotland Road area.

Aware of the strong and eternal emotional ties that former residents have for Scotland Road, the Scottie Press would like to hear and record the views of current and former residents about how best they feel the regeneration of Scotland Road can be best achieved.

· What do you think is the most sustainable future for the road?

· Do you think the history and heritage of the road should be a strong feature for the future of Scotland Road?

· Should the road be built up to provide a mixed use range of businesses and essential retail outlets, and social amenities?

The Scottie Press also welcomes favoured memories of Scotland Road, together with any photographs of the Scotland Road area.

'Grot Spots'

deterring business opportunities of


Patrick Carragher and Charles Yarney, two local business men, have invested heavily in the Richmond Row area in recent years. They both see the area, although run down for a long time, as having potential.

They relocated their CCTV installation company to 168 Richmond Row a dilapidated building which, they have renovated with the assistance of a grant fee from the North Liverpool Partnership.

rrow.gif - 171k

Patrick and Charles also purchased the former Soho Arms which had been derelict for many years. They are in the process of turning the building into a business Centre, offering eleven serviced offices.

rrow2.gif - 93k

The Richmond Row area is at present unattractive because there are so many pieces of overgrown vacant land which have been in the same condition for many years.

Patrick and Charles feel that this situation - so called 'grot spots' - is deterring clients from renting the future business centre offices and so affecting Patrick and Charles's business opportunities.

In an effort to remove these 'grot spots' and thus reverse the decline of the area, Patrick and Charles are seeking to create effective partnerships within the area by using the full potential of the whole community.

For further information contact Patrick Carragher or Charles Yarney -

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