Cemetery Vandalism

Dear editor of Scottie Press I recently visited the Scottie Press website and was appalled to see the devastation taking place in our local Merseyside cemeteries.The despoliation by demolition and graffiti of cherished memorials to our forebears by vandals was beyond comprehension.
On a visit to Moore's House to see a relative I came across this mindless destruction at first hand. I took a short cut through Walton Parish Church Cemetery. The scenes of ravaged graffiti covered remnants of graves; remnants because they had been destroyed by mindless hooligans and scattered across the graveyard, left me filled with apprehension for society. A society that these morons will be a large part of, a part that is still a minority but a large minority. Never in the history of civilisation or any primitive culture has the last resting-place of those gone before us been treated with such sacrilegious disrespect. Cemeteries where not so long ago cared for by local authorities, they where maintained respectfully by gravediggers cum gardeners. Like so many other things they are now a place for the yobs to desecrate. It cannot be a question of money Europe has given 38,000,000. to renew or maintain the infrastructure, the national lottery is bursting at the seams giving money to much less worthy schemes. Where has the money gone or is going. It should be spent on employing gardeners and putting police back on the beat. Prevention is cheaper than detection. In all countries I have visited never have I seen such scenes of neglect and wanton destruction has in the cemeteries of what people hope will be the City of Culture.
A friend took these photo's of me in Walton Church cemetery .

grave1.jpg - 29k grave2.jpg - 36k

grave3.jpg - 38k

If you have had any experiences such as mine in any of Liverpool's cemeteries please contact Ron at The Scottie Press who tells me he will feature your comments on this webpage e-mail.

ronformby @scottiepress.org.uk

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