Big news for family history research comes in the launch in January 2009 of the 1911 Census on-line. The records have been made available two years early by The National Archives and the documents have been digitised by the website in conjunction with The National Archives. To view the 1911 Census visit

Amateur genealogists will be able to see their ancestors' handwriting on the downloaded images. Census forms detailing the lives of 36 million people in England and Wales are also being scanned and posted on

Dear Scottie Press, I was made up looking at your website's family history links. My nan was called Delia Jones (nee Cunningham) she lived in Ben Johnson St before spending a number of decades at Downe House. My mum and her siblings all went to Bishop Goss like my nan's family before them. My grandad was Johnny Jones from the Italian family the Frediani's. His cousin was Johnny Ginnelli who had the chippy. My mum is Doreen and she was married in St Joey's in 1970. She has two brothers Michael and John and a sister Brenda. I remember Fr. Dunne and St Joey\'s youth club where my auntie Brenda worked in the 70's. I have odd family pictures of the church and school photos from the 50's, I would like to add in the future. I also have a centenary booklet of St Joey's school from the 70\'s. many kids I played in the square with featured in it, drawing pictures, writing poems etc. My nan moved to Breck Road in 1983 and died in 1989. She missed the 'Tennys' so much as did her sister, Nelly, who lived on the same block Nelly died in 2001. Thanks for the memories. I'm going to share this link with my mum and her sister and brothers.

Dear Scottie Press. Here are a few details. My grandfather was Robert Phillips born 1895 Everton family living in 27 Field Street, Liverpool. Married Maria Deans July 1915 at St.Titus Church Liverpool. On the 1911 census they are recorded as living with mother Edith and brother William Henry Phillips at 8 Ewart Terrace Everton Liverpool. Could you please tell me where Ewart Terrace is? My grandfather lost his life on the 10th May 1941 blitz he was an air-raid warden on duty at the time his body was found in Wilton street they lost everything in the bombing no photo's papers or anything left he is buried along with his wife she died in 1937 in Rice Lane cemetery. Sadly my father who was also called Robert Phillips born 1923-2004 is no longer with us out of the 5 children only 1 aunt is alive in Australia and as they where orphaned young she cannot remember much. Hope you can help. Susan Force

Dear Scottie Press, I visited the National Archives on and checked out the 1911 census. I discovered that my great-grandfather, John Benson, had lived at number 83 St Martins Cottages, Ashfield Street, Liverpool. I came across your website when I did a search for the street on google. I was wondering if you had any information about these houses? The man in the picture of the plaque lived at number 87. Do you know when it was that he lived at these houses? Kevin Benson

Dear Scottie Press, I recently found the web site for St. Albans and how delighted I was. Both my parents came from O.T.B. I am very interested in the photo of the four ladies who were in the Children Of Mary as I have an original photo and I have often wondered about the names of the people I thought perhaps one might be my own dear mother (God rest her soul). I would be very grateful if at any time you find any more information about them or anything about O.T.B. you possibly would be so kind as to send me an e mail. In the mean time I will look through the old photo's I have and could send you them to see if they would be of interest to any body who like myself would like to know more about St. Albans parish Eileen (Kearney).

Sometimes people researching family history need a bit of luck. Family history is all about life and death and though official records can help there is always a chance that help for can come from the research work of other people. Since establishing the Family History Webpage on the Scottie Press website we have received a great many emails from website readers who have expressed delight in finding hitherto unknown information. The Scotland Road area was very much at the centre of the Irish immigration during the 19th century potato famine. But 'Scottie Road' also played a role in the huge European emigration trade to the United States, Canada and Australia when Liverpool was probably the greatest emigration port in world history, handling a stunning nine million passengers from as far away as Russia.


Dear Scottie Press, I came across your great website, and if your readers are looking for information on Irish relatives I have some suggestions: The National Library Of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. E-mail - Civil Register of Births and Marriages held at St. Conal's Hospital, High Road, Letterkenny, County Donegal from about 1870 telephone: 00353 74 9124576

Have a look at the Ballyshannon site covers a lot of County Donegal -

also sites

if you go through Google when the box come up type in - Civil Parishes and Townlands of County Donegal or The 1796 Spinning Wheel Premium entitlements List for County Donegal or Ireland in Maps or DHS Museum 1954 or Aodh Ruadh or Proni or Ellis Island or Castle Garden New York or Notes of Donegal Towns. Most of the townlands were flax seed growers for the Linen Industry. I was born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal moved with my Parents to Lancashire in about 1957. Forgot to mention if you go through when the box comes up type in - address for genealogical research in County Donegal. I will try and send the electors list 1939/40 of Ballyshannon, when you are looking for Irish relatives you have to take everything with a pinch of salt, some Irish change their names when they came over to England. On the electorís list 1939/40 of Ballyshannon, Townland Carrickboy - McGuinness Edward, Maggie and John that was my Gran and Grandad with my Uncle John, the O'Doherty Susan is my Aunty Susan (nee McGuinness). My mum Margaret (Meg) Mary McGuinness was born at Carrickboy in 1918 died in Blackburn 1992, My Uncle John McGuinness was born at Higginstown (Ballymunterhiggin) in 1912 died in Blackburn 1985. Rathmore on the list is where my Gran was born and died sometime in the 1940s in Carrickboy. Keep up the good work. Hannah OíSullivan


Debra-Terry.jpg - 42k

Dear Scottie Press, On Thursday 15th May I met with Terry Cooke, author of the book 'Little Italy'. I advised Terry that I am about to embark upon a project for a book dedicated to the families who lived in and around the 'Little Italy' area of Liverpool, mainly Gerard St, Christian St, Lionel St and Circus St. This also includes St Joseph and Holy Cross parishes. Families I am interested in contacting are...

Albertini, Baccino, Bordessa, Capaldi, Cappella, Chiappe, Colletto, Frediani, Fusco, Gianelli, Imundi, Innelli, Mancini, Marengo, Minchelli, Minghella, Podesta, Riozzi, Sabatini, Santangelli, Silvano, Tremarco, Valerio, Varcelli, Vernti, Ventro, Vermiglio and Volante. All information and photographs of the area would be greatly appreciated e-mail to

Thanks Debra D'Annunzio


Dear Scottie Press, My family come from the Scotland Rd, I born in Eldon St in 1950's, it's the first time I have come across your website it is really wonderful and it will a while to look through it all. My parent's worked for Tate & Lyles, I must look for some photographs for your website. My family really regretted leaving the Eldon St community. I am part of the Lancashire on line Parish Clerk project. It is a voluntary group, which is transcribing parish record for Lancashire Churches. I have transcribed records for St Augustine in Everton, St Georges Derby Square and St John Haymarket, we usually write a page on the churches and provide a photograph if available of the church. The Scotland Rd Churches are not very well covered, I was wondering it I could appeal for photographs of churches and any one willing to transcribe the Parish Records. You have a wonderful photograph of St Peter's in Seel Street. The picture on our site is really poor. We can only use non-copyrighted material, or if we are given permission to use the picture by the owner. It is a worthwhile project and is done on a purely voluntary basis. We can obtain a CD/DVD of the LDS records of Parishes and transcribe the records to spreadsheets before downloading them to the Website.
I would be grateful if you would look at our site and if possible consider adding a link to your website, ideally we do need people with Computer's to transcribe the records. Maureen Campion, (nee Braithwaite/Irving)


Dear Scottie Press, I send are some photos related to the Lomas family and featuring the parishes of St Alphonsus and St Johns. The photo of the double wedding seems to have been taken in a studio of the Carbonara Co., perhaps in Walton Road or Lime St. The wedding took place on 1 June 1936 at St Alphonsus Church, Great Mersey St. The priest was Father George J Sargent. The brides were sisters and lived with their mother, Sarah McNally and two other sisters at 98 Gt Mersey St. Their father had died in 1909. My father, William Lomas, the groom on the left lived at his parents home 28 Howley St. After the marriage they lived at 42 Pope Street, Bootle. The other groom is John Rawlinson, a friend of my fathers. The couple, Joseph Chamberlain and Nora McInerney, in the photo of the wedding that took place in 1929, which is already on your site lived at 88 Great Mersey St after the marriage and would certainly have known the McNally family. In the photo of St Alphonsus Girl's School, Group II, my mother, Margaret McNally, who was born in January 1905 is fourth from left in the second row from front. The photo was probably taken about 1914.The photo that I have entitled Faith Hope and Charity, is of three daughters of the McNally family of 98 Great Mersey St. On the left is Elizabeth, born in 1909, centre is Ann, born in 1902 and on the right is my mother Margaret, born in 1905. The photo, taken in a studio, was probably related to a Church Procession, perhaps for the feast of Corpus Christi, about 1914.

lomas1.jpg - 11k   lomas2.jpg - 14k   lomas3.jpg - 14k

mcnall1.jpg - 16k  mcnall2.jpg - 15k

StAlph1.jpg - 27k  stalph3.jpg - 24k

StAlph2.jpg - 21k

The 1915 photo of my father, William Lomas was taken when living in Howley St and attending St John's School. I found another photo related to St Alphonsus' School, which probably dates from about 1912. My Aunt Ann McNally is on the extreme right of the second row from front. The photo in the backyard was taken at 98 Great Mersey Street in the mid 1930s. On the left is my grandmother, Sarah McNally with three of her four daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth and Margaret, my mother. The photo of the boy and girls shows my mother, Margaret McNally on the left. I don't know who the boy was, perhaps a neighbour or family relation. The photo was probably taken in Oswald St or Vesuvius Street. The photo with the car seems to be a family outing, but I doubt that the car belonged to a member of the family. The photo must have been taken between 1925 and 1930 judging from the apparent age of my Aunt Elizabeth, born 1909, who is between the two boys. In 1925, my grandmother, Sarah McNally, who is the lady with the dog, would have been 51. The McNally family probably lived in Vesuvius Street when the photo was taken.

CORRECTION - St John's School photos

I looked at the photos and commentary that I sent to you before Christmas concerning St John's School, which you put onto your website's Archive 'St John's Web Page. There is an error in the commentary that I should like corrected. The location of my father in both the 1918 and 1921 photos is incorrect. In the 1918 photo, my father, William Lomas is second from right in the front row. In the 1921 photo, he is fifth from right in the second row from front. In the 1918 photo, James Geraghty, who later became a teacher and taught at Holy Name School, Fazakerley (as already stated in the commentary under the photo) is located fourth from right in the back row. Also in the 1918 photo, located third from right in the front row, is Gerry Murphy (with his head down), who also became a teacher and in 1966 was named deputy head of St John's School, but died before taking up the appointment. His father was killed when trying to stop a carter's runaway horse. BILL LOMAS


Dear Scottie Press, I found your website whilst searching for information about Genealogy and thought the new website our company has been developing might be of interest to you and your visitors: .

The site is a useful guide for those wishing to learn more about their family history and provides useful advice regarding tracing their family trees. The site is simple to use and provides step-by-step information on getting started and the sources that are available to help. It also shows you how to compile your very own family tree and has a useful links section to help with your research. I was wondering if you would be able to provide a link to our guide, possibly from your 'Family History Research' section, I think our site could be beneficial to those interested in their family history and are in need of some of advice. Kind Regards, Emma Franklin


Dear Scottie Press,
I am doing my family tree and still rooting out information. My mumís side of the family lived in the Scotland Road area but I have not got all the info yet.

Frank Mcloughlin

Frank Mcloughlin is my dad. He went to Major Street School. The photo of him (above) was taken in 1956 when he did his National Service in Hong Kong with the Kings Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster). The Mcloughlin family moved to Kirby in the 1950s. There was Edward, Margaret, Richie, Martin, Frank, Maureen and Anne, and their mum Margaret (my nan -nee Roberts). My nan worked in the Baggie - making sacks and when I went back on the census her nan Rose Fearon worked there - called†sack makers in 1891. My nan was born in Burlington Street. Edward Mcloughlin 2nd married Margaret Roberts on 30th April 1927 at Our Lady of Reconciliation (Eldon Street).

Edward Mcluoghlin 1st

Edward Mcloughlin the 1st (see photo above) - born 29th Jan 1882 in Hornby Street, Died aged 48 at Rice Lane - Walton Hospital. He was then living at 20 Lancaster Street as far as we know he did spend some time in the Navy, when he died he was employed as a ships repairer. Married Annie Eccles 2nd June 1903 at St Maryís Church, Kirkdale.

blkpool.jpg - 54k

The last photo is a group of neighbours from Lancaster Street in the late 40s ? early 50s Going from the back row from left to right as you look at the photos this is the names that I have been given and ? means I donít know Back - Alice Roberts ? Emily Finch? Mr W Roberts ? William Roberts, Arthur Roberts and Sammy Daley. Next Row ?† Mary Wilson† Mrs Roberts ( ?Mr Wick) Johnny Wilson. Next Row Mrs Daley next two are man and wife possibly Mr and Mrs Rimmer, Annie Byas - then my Nan Margaret Mcloughlin, Mrs A Roberts ? Mary Daley. Front Row - ?† ?† ?† Ada Burns Mrs William Roberts (little boy is her son ? name) ? Katie Roberts.

Sue Lythgoe

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