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The Scottie Press 'Changing Face of Local Communities' exhibition is to be displayed at various locations (including Sheltered Accommodations) around the city of Liverpool. Support for the exhibition has been given by English Heritage who have donated 750, for three pull-up display stands for the photographs. We picture Louise O'Brien (English Heritage) together with Lesley Black and Joan Higham when these three display stands where at the Lee Jones Centre (Limekiln Lane) on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th February. The pull-up stands were also displayed at the VNC 55 plus clubs afternoon at the Silvestrain Club on Thursday 21st Feb and at Crompton Court Care Centre on Friday 21st Feb and at Portland Gardens on Monday 25th February. The Scottie Press also thanks Tommy Torbo for his support with promoting the exhibition. Tommy is pictured at his hairdressing shop on Scotland Road viewing a selection of the photos displayed in Calendar form.

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Successive Governments and Local Councils have constantly looked at problems within the inner city districts and communities of Liverpool. At the end of the 1960s The Home Office Community Development Project (CDP) was a major initiative that was to be 'a radical' experiment in community development involving the local and central government, voluntary agencies and the universities in a concerted search for better solutions to the problems of deprivation. The Vauxhall district - or "Scottie Road" as it is known locally was chosen by the CDP as a project area. At this time (1969) "Scottie Road" shared the familiar catalogue of problems found in any rundown inner-city area. But it had characteristics that made it unique. Among the strategies and programmes devised by the Community Development Project in 1969 was the creation of a local newspaper run by local people representative of the community. The paper was seen as a way of encouraging community identity and presenting in the "Scottie Road" communities own words a powerful portrait of local problems to the local authority. The first issue of the "Scottie Press" Community Newspaper was published in February 1971 when Rod Stewart with "Maggie May" and The Mixtures with "The Pushbike Song" were in the 'top twenty charts'. Since that date the paper has focussed its lens on the Scotland Road - Vauxhall community and surrounding communities and as such has recorded 'The Changing Face of Local Communities' such as Pownall Square pictured in 1987 and showing the Rose & Crown Pub and the Salvation Army Hostel with Highfield Gardens to the left and Vauxhall Gardens to the right. To sponsor a pull-up display stand for inclusion in the touring exhibition please contact Ron Formby on 0151 482 2000 or email ronformby@scottiepress.org.

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For community development to work we should always hope that there is a force at work to make the best better and the worse good. The Scottie Press 'Changing face of Local Communities' project seeks to find out if changes made to local communities (over the last 40 years) have indeed made the best better and the worse good. The Scottie Press 'Changing Face of Local Communities' project asks what has been achieved from community development and regeneration programmes since the early 1970s? It also questions what has suffered or been lost within community life as a result of community development and regeneration programmes started in the early 1970s? The Scottie Press 'Changing Face of Local Communities project' has been aided by the display of the 4 x pull-up stands exhibition in over 30 different locations since February 2008. In December 2008 the Stepclever (Enterprise Initiative) funded two new, 'Changing Face of Local Communities' (pull-up stands). These two stands (see pictured) have now joined with stands already on display at Fazakerley Hospital. For details of exhibition location (within Fazakerley Hospital) contact Paula O'Malley, Arts Co-ordinator, Aintree University Hospitals - phone 0151 529 8480 or email Paula.o'malley@aintree.nhs.uk To sponsor a pull-up display stand for inclusion in the touring exhibition or to stage the exhibition in 2009 please contact Ron Formby on 0151 482 2000 or email ronformby@scottiepress.org

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VNC - Mon 18th Feb
LEE JONES CENTRE - Tue 19th & Wed 20th Feb
PORTLAND GARDENS - Mon 25th & Tues 26th Feb
MILLERSMEDE - Tues 11th, Wed 12th, Thurs 13th March
MAZENOD COURT - Mon 15th Sept - Mon 22nd Sept
GREAT HOMER STREET LIBRARY - Tues 8th April - Tuesday 6th May
MOWBRAY COURT - Thurs 28th Aug - Sun 7th Sept
ROBERT LYNCH HOUSE - Mon 3rd, Tues 4th, Wed 5th, Thurs 6th March
FOUNTAINS COURT - Mon 18th - Tue 26th Aug
SHRINE DAWSON STREET - Tues 6th May - Tues 3rd June
EDITIONS LTD - Wed 27th, Thurs 28th, Fri 29th Feb and Sat 1st March
LEE JONES CENTRE - Fri 28th and Mon 31st March
ALLIANCE AND LEICESTER - Thurs 25th Sept - Wed 1st October
SILVESTRIAN CLUB (Scottie 08 Reunion) - Sunday 8th June
CARLING GALLERY - Fri 13th June to Mon 14th July
WORLD MUSEUM - Tues 15th - Thurs 31st July
ST FRANCIS DE SALES - Wed 13th - Sat 16th Aug
LACE CENTRE Partners in Partnership Conference - Fri 12th Sept
LIVERPOOL TOWN HALL - Mon 20th - Wed 22nd Oct
FAZAKERLEY HOSPITAL - Fri 24th Oct - Mon 2nd March
WALTON HOSPITAL - Mon 9th March - Tue 31st March
WORLD MUSEUM - Mon 6th April - Thurs - 30th April

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The Scottie Press 'Changing Face of Local Communities' pull-up stands were located at Liverpool's 'World Museum', William Brown Street, forming part of a month long (6th - 30th April 2009) Reminiscence Project organised by Maria Checkland (at Merseytravel). When at the World Museum the six Scottie Press 'Changing Face of Local Communities' pull-up stands exhibition attracted a lot of attention, interest and praise. The exhibition stands are set to move on around the city of Liverpool in 2009 with a number of venues already arranged. In early May the stands will be displayed at St Francis Xavier's Church.