Congratulations Card Nancy with Lord Mayor and Bishop Tom Williams

A night of double celebration took place at the Vauxhall Millennium Resource Centre on Friday 3rd June. The new Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Alan Dean was joined by Bishop Tom Williams to present Nancy Flanagan with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of Nancy being awarded the M.B.E. in the New Year's Honours List. The Lord Mayor spoke about Nancy's involvement in community work for the Vauxhall area and made a special point of saying that her work, of over 40 years, has been on a totally voluntary basis.

30 Anniversary Lord Mayor and Marie McGiveron

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool also congratulated Marie McGiveron (Chief Executive of the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council) and expressed his praise for the VNC which celebrates it's 30th Anniversary (1975 - 2005) this year.


The night's celebrations saw Merseyside's Top Comedy Show Band 'Schooner' take to the stage of the Silvestrian Club to ensure excellent entertainment


The Scottie Press would like to add its congratulations to all those expressed to Nancy Flanagan who was awarded an M.B.E. in the New Year's Honours List.
Nancy has spent a lifetime fighting for the people in Vauxhall because she believes that the area has been treated unfairly for a-great many years. Nancy has been involved in voluntary community work ever since the inception of the Vauxhall Project in 1969, when she became its first chairperson, a post she held for three years. In 1984 Nancy became chairperson of the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council, as well as being chairperson of the Heriot Street Residents Association. All the work that Nancy has done has been on a totally voluntary basis and as such she says that she has been able to speak her mind without being beholden to anyone. Nancy was always mindful that new house building was essential for the Vauxhall area and along with this there was a need to have up to date facilities such as a modern medical centre. Nancy was at the forefront of the campaign to build the Vauxhall Health Centre in Limekiln Lane and start the Vauxhall Health Forum, which has done so much to improve the health of residents (in all age groups) of the Vauxhall area. She was also very much involved with the establishing of the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council's Day Nursery, the Merseyside Accredited Childcare Training and Assessment Centre (MACTAC), VNC Lifeline and Vauxhall Sure Start. All these facilities ensure that there is training, jobs and care for local people. Nancy Flanagan MBE

Nancy Flanagan MBE
As chairperson of the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council, Nancy has helped ensure that the voice of Vauxhall people has been heard and listened to. She is as determined as ever that the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council can represent the residents of the entire Vauxhall area in appreciation of the needs, hopes and plans of individuals, groups and associations. To these ends Nancy has attended countless meetings with the expressed intention of making sure that all the people living and working in the Vauxhall area get a fair deal.


Kevin at work

My name is Kevin Cain, I am 14years and 11months old. I live in the Vauxhall area of Liverpool and attend Campion High School at which I am in year 10. The subjects I study at Campion include, English, Maths, R.E , Geography, History, Science, G.N.V.Q ICT. In June 2006 I will be taking G.C.S.E examination in all of the above subjects. It is my hope that I will be successful in gaining qualifications that will enable me to seek employment in the field of Information Technology. I have already set my mind to go to an appropriate college for further education and training.

On Monday 17th January I began a 2 week period of work experience at the Scottie Press Community Community Newspaper. As part of this work experience I spent time looking at, and learning how new inclusions were put onto the Scottie Press website. I look at the Scottie Press website at least twice a month, and take particular interest in the sections given over to local history, as history is one of my favourite subjects at school.

Also as part of my work experience at the Scottie Press I have been helping to organise and present events connected with The Friends Of Liverpool Monuments and the Canal Bird Life Project which are featured on the Projects section of the Scottie Press website.


Fundraising day at Trinity School

On Friday 12th November, Pupils at The Trinity School supported the efforts of Jessica Smith and Jessica Breen to raise £557 for the annual Children in Need Appeal. During the day the school hall had a really good mix of things to buy, including trays of cakes and biscuits. There was also a range of wonderful raffle prizes to be won.

We made the cakes.

Both Jessica’s would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with the day and especially teachers – Miss Heraty and Miss Byrne.

Poppy Appeal

Jessica Smith and Jessica Breen would also like to thank everyone who helped them raise £120 for the Poppy Appeal.

If you know of a local school or local school children who have helped raise money for good causes and you would like to have them featured on the Scottie Press website please email

Liverpool Tales

The shorts stories and poems of John Williams can be accessed from our Local Writers webpage and by visiting

livtales.jpg - 42k

Now you can read a selection of John's stories in his new book - for publishers details log onto here


Parents Like You

Our ‘Open Day’ on Friday 24th September was a great success. Over 150 people dropped in during the day from parents to school mentors also police and lots of other professions. Hopefully we raised the awareness to other parents and carers that they are not alone and there is support available.

Parents Like You is about empowering parents to help them take more control about their own lives. We found that mutual support, advice and guidance given by Karen and Lorraine who themselves experienced extreme levels of stress brought on by their teenagers behaviour is a real benefit to other parents who find themselves in the same position.

Parents Like You believe all parents and carers should have the right to effective services before difficulty becomes a crisis and the family breaks down.

If you need advice or support call Karen or Lorraine on
0151 207 5200 – or email

You can also access advice or support by visiting our website


A feature of the Scottie Press website is a Projects webpage given over to recording and acknowledging achievements of local groups or individuals. We welcome hearing from readers who may have news and or information that they consider useful for this webpage.

We were pleased to hear from Graham Williams and Terry Murphy who have recently set up their own website which they hope will prove to be a successful method of enabling people to swap items with other people willing to swap. If you remember when Mike Reed presented Swap Shop on a Saturday Morning TV you'll have some idea of how the website will work. Click here to access this website.


Laura jane Walsh

Congratulations go to Laura Jane Walsh who gained a 2.1 LLB Law Degree from Liverpool University. Laura's Mum, Margaret Walsh (nee Joyce) was a resident of the Scotland Road area (living in Kew Street) a former parishioner of St Anthony's Church and a pupil of St Anthony's School.

We welcome the chance to express our congratulations to current and or former residents of the Scotland Road and Vauxhall area who have achieved success.

Please email details with a photo


Jackie Hamilton Plaque Unveiling

The life of Liverpool comedian Jackie Hamilton has been honoured with a plaque unveiled in the Eldonian Village Hall. Family and friends got together on Thursday 12th August to watch Jackie's sister, Maureen Kearns unveil the plaque along with Mickey Finn. The date of the unveiling (Thursday 12th August 2004) was chosen as being the first anniversary of Jackie's death and the location for the plaque was chosen for being a place where Jackie had appeared many times and spoke of with great affection. A line of thanks is given by Maureen Kearns to everyone who has been supportive of the plaque being positioned at the Eldonian Village Hall and said people still talk about Jackie as if he were still alive and tell me what a great character he was. Jackie has been hailed as the city of Liverpool's funniest comedian. Other top comedians had total respect for him and often called him 'the master'.


City Aldermen

Two of Liverpool Council's most distinguished members have been made the city's first Honorary Aldermen.

Paul Orr and Bert Herrity received Honorary Aldermen badges in recognition of their long and outstanding contribution to the city council. Together the pair have clocked up more than 70 years as councillors in Liverpool and they were awarded their badges on Wednesday 28th April 2004.

Paul Orr held a seat in Abercromby Ward from 1956 to 1962 and returned as councillor for the Vauxhall Ward in 1964. He held his seat in Vauxhall until 2000.

Paul Orr also served as Lord Mayor of Liverpool in 1971-1972.

The current Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Ron Gould, presented the badges and said: "It's a great privilege for me to present these men with their Honorary Aldermen badges especially as it's the first honour of its kind".


Custy's Vote of Thanks

John 'Custy' Doyle was given a very special vote of thanks from the Scotland Road Community for his 30 years (1973-2003) commitment to football on Friday 14th November. The concert room of the Silvestrian Sports & Social Club was filled to capacity - many in attendance had been members of Junior Football Teams that Custy had managed from 1973. The night of thanks was organised by Maureen Price and Peter Jordan. During the night a special certificate was given to John which proudly gave him 'The Freedom of Scotland Road' as a tribute to his dedication and the efforts he has made to ensure that a great many local youngsters can experience and enjoy games of football played in a true sporting spirit. Acknowledgement of the success that a mix of teams that have been managed by John was on display in the form of Cups and Trophies. But John has never levelled his desire to encourage and help youngsters enjoy football by how many cups and trophies his teams won in a season. It has always been more important to John that the players in the teams play the game to the best of their ability - win, lose or draw. It is this feature of John's commitment that has endeared him to the hearts of so many people and why he is so very much respected within the community.

James Larkin Pipe Band Ceildah Irish Dance Troupe

John was given a standing ovation when he entered the Silvestrian Club and the James Larkin Pipe Band played a selection of Irish Tunes that John is particularly fond of. A little Later in the evening members of the Ceildah Irish Dance Troupe performed a selection of dances that were very much enjoyed by John and his wife Ellen.

Phil King-"Elvis Presley"

Elvis-Phil King

Congratulations go to Phil King who has won a nation-wide (Elvis impersonator) competition. The grand final of this contest took place in Norwich on 31st August. Phil from Athol Street, Vauxhall really impressed the judges with his performance and he has won the chance to tour the country in the show 'Visions Of Elvis'. Producer and director of 'Visions Of Elvis', Ricki Cliff, hopes to have the show on the road by next Easter. The show will feature Elvis's from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Phil will spend 12 months touring the country and looks forward to when the show comes to Liverpool.

We will keep readers updated with news of Phil who is currently in great demand with his tribute to Elvis stage performances. In recent weeks Phil took the stage in Brighton as part of events marking the anniversary of the death of Elvis (16th August 1977). Phil has been very highly praised for his stage performance in particular the 1950s era of Elvis. Visit Phil's website at


sammplq.jpg - 15k sammunv.jpg - 20k

Liverpool's comedy legend, Ken Dodd, officially opened the new Merseyside headquarters of 'SUPPORT AFTER MURDER and MANSLAUGHTER' (S.A.M.M.) on Wednesday 28th May. S.A.M.M. is now based at Millersmede, Athol Street, Liverpool 5.

Prior to unveiling a Plaque - Ken Dodd (who is Patron of S.A.M.M.) said; "We are all very moved by this tragic cause and admire the wonderful work this organisation does".

Merseyside's Chief Probation Officer, John Stafford, described the new facility at Millersmede as excellent, adding: "This shows the respect the victims should be given".

S.A.M.M. was founded in 1994 and was the first such service set up in the north-west. The new headquarters in Vauxhall replaces a smaller centre in Kensington.

Liverpool's new Lord Mayor, Councillor Ron Gould, released around 250 balloons, one representing each member of Merseyside S.A.M.M. The Lord Mayor said that S.A.M.M. was so important to the city.

If you would like to find out more about S.A.M.M. or help with their fundraising activities please telephone 0151 207 6767. You can also visit a S.A.M.M. website by logging onto


Billy Culkin and Tommy Lloyd.jpg - 37k

The Liverpool CMS Football League held their Annual Trophy Presentation Night at the Eldonian Village Hall on Saturday 7th June. A special presentation was made during the night to BILL CULKIN in recognition of 30 Years Service to the CMS League and for 50 Years Service to Liverpool Amateur Football.

We feature a photograph of Bill Culkin with a special medal from the FA recognising Bill's 50 years service to Liverpool Amateur Football. Also photographed is Liverpool CMS League Chairman Tommy LLoyd has advised the Scottie Press that the Liverpool CMS League are now accepting applications from Teams wishing to play in the League's 2003/2004 Season. For further details telephone Tommy Lloyd 0151 263 9021.


A 2,000 strong congregation at Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral witnessed the Episcopal Ordination to Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool of Canon Tom Williams (Parish Priest of St Anthony's Church - Scotland Road) on Tuesday 27th May. His ordination as Auxiliary Bishop came 31 years after he was ordained a Priest, also in Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral. Among the 2,000 congregation present for the Solemn Mass for Episcopal Ordination were Bishops from around the country as well as Priests and Deacons and Civic Dignitaries. As the newly ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, Bishop Tom Williams promised to carry the mantle with dignity, a sense of humour and as himself.

Vigil Mass at St Anthonys.jpg - 36k

Many parishioners from St Anthony's Church were also in attendance and over 400 parishioners of St Anthony's Church attended a Vigil Mass for 'The Feast of the Ascension of the Lord' on Wednesday 28th May. This Vigil Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Patrick Kelly and Bishop Tom Williams.

Bishop Tom and Archbishop.jpg - 27k

The congratulations of Archbishop Kelly were given to Bishop Tom during and Mass with the full congregation applauding Bishop Tom's Episcopal Ordination.

Bishop Tom and Mickey Finn.jpg - 30k

Loud applause was given to Bishop Tom by more than 200 local people as he entered the Concert Room of the Silvestrian Sports & Social Club, wherein Bishop Tom and his family were guests of honour at the celebration party. The Silvestrian Sports & Social Club is situated directly opposite St Sylvester's Church and the old senior school. Being born in Ashfield Gardens Bishop Tom was, as a young boy a parishioner of St Sylvester's Church. Pictured during the celebration party night with Bishop Tom is former St Sylvester's church parishioner and school pupil, and now Liverpool's Top Comedian, Mickey Finn.


Royal Seaforth FC

Our congratulations go to Royal Seaforth FC who are photographed as this seasons winners of the Liverpool County FA Challenge Cup. Royal Seaforth FC were formed in 1966 and joined the County Combination in 1977 as Harrison Line. In their first season they finished 5th and in 1980/81 they won the Second Division championship. The 1981/82 season saw them change their name to Royal Seaforth and they remained in the top division until 1986/87 when they were relegated but returned back to top flight football when they once again won the Second Division championship in 1993/94 and in the same season winning the Lord Wavertree Cup.


vnclife.jpg - 37k

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Jack Spriggs and the Riverside Member of Parliament, Louise Ellman spoke words of congratulations to, and in praise of, the VNC LIFELINE which celebrated it 10th Birthday on Friday 8th November. Jack Spriggs and Louise Ellman are pictured during celebrations marking the 10th Anniversary of Lifelines significant impact on the lives of local people and also many thousands throughout the Merseyside area. Also pictured on the day are Marie McGiveron (Chief Executive, Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council), Pauline Connolly (Deputy Chief Executive, Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council) and Frances Kidd (Manager, VNC Lifeline).

It was back in 1992 when the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council established the emergency telephone call line - operating 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The reassurance at the touch of a button provided by the VNC Lifeline throughout the subsequent 10 years has secured more than 5,000 regular users and has saved many people's lives.

The initial vision of the project was praise by the Lord Mayor and echoed by Louise Ellman MP and both wished to express sincere appreciation of the efforts of the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council to secure this vital service and to ensure its continued success. Councillor Spriggs was particularly praiseworthy of the fact that the VNC Lifeline was very much a community based project with many benefits for the local Vauxhall community not least of which was the esteem brought to the area by having such a high profile, very important and very well run facility in the Vauxhall area of Liverpool.

For more details of the VNC Lifeline Emergency telephone service - phone
0151 298 2440


kim.jpg - 20k

Pictured above is Kimberley
Kimberly is the only daughter of Carol Mayer, the eldest of the Mayer sisters, she is a 19yr old psychology student, and one day wants to open her own practise for Children on Merseyside.

Kimberly is the current Miss Petite England a title she won at the Olympia Ballroom in October last year. On 26th July 2003, Kimberly fly's out to Texas America, to represent England in the world version of this major beauty competition, no girl from England has ever won this title. We are all very proud, that a Liverpool girl, and one that was raised over the bridge, with all her family coming from the Vauxhall area is representing England in America.

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