The League of Welldoers

Lee Jones Centre captures the mood

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St Patrick's day is widely celebrated in England, Ireland and even as far as the USA. But Irish roots in Liverpool is strong and none more so than those in and around Scotland road. With a huge heritage of Irish ethnicity in the area, the March festive celebration of Ireland's patron Saint is always observed strongly in Vauxhall.

The Lee Jones Centre, which conducts an annual party for the senior community for St Patrick's Day regularly, attracts a good and friendly crowd and it seems this year was no exception. A full house was present to enjoy the festivities, which included a hearty meal of Scouse a glass of Guinness and fantastic music.

We arrived at the party just after the meal and the atmosphere was already special, the whole room was packed and everybody present was engaged in friendly and vibrant conversation. Not long had we entered the environment than 'The Travelling People' took to the stage, today's music act quickly maintained the strong atmosphere.

Their first song was instantly recognised by the crowd and almost everyone sang in harmony with the band that seemed very much at home on the stage. Instantly people were up and dancing to the music and absorbing the good times.

We spoke to people in the crowd who with beaming smiles shared their joy over the event, friends Mary Simotich and Morris Waterhouse said their meal was 'fantastic' and that they were thoroughly enjoying their day.

The Travelling People launched into a mix of Irish and Liverpool folk songs such as 'Fields of Athenry' and 'In My Liverpool Home' which like every other song they played had its audience singing every line with them.

We also spoke to Eric Roberts and Mick Molphy, who were also polite enough to let us join them on their table as many of the crowd were up singing and dancing. Both Eric and Mick were Irish Guards and said the feel around the community was excellent. 'Like nearly every event we go to, you see the same faces which is always a good thing' Eric told me, also going on to praise the community spirit and sense of humour that it has been kept throughout the years.

The party showed absolute no sign of slowing down any time soon, and as the jokes and stories flowed from the band and it's audience you knew everyone present had no problems with this.

The only unlucky ones were your writers here at The Scottie Press who had to leave The Lee Jones Centre before the end, mainly as we were cramping their style!

The Centre is well known as a focal point of the community and has a habit of doing a fantastic job when it comes to holding it's event. And once again it has excelled itself! Happy St Patrick's Day everybody.

Lasting Impressions

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Tuesday 25th January saw the Philharmonic Hall packed full of Lee Jone's regulars to celebrate The League of Welldoers Benefit Concert "Lasting Impressions". The concert lasted three hours and was compared by the excellent Tony Ravel who also impersonated Elvis Presley throughout the show.

The show showcased some excellent talent from local artist such as Gary Leighton and the 'Sing your socks of choir' as well as an excellent ventriloquist Larry Jones and Thomas the Alley Cat, Larry. The second part of the show was all about singers impersonating their favourite singers; these included Elton John, Tom Jones, Brenda Lee, Connie Frances, and Patsy Cline, finishing with an excellent performance of Tina Turner.

All in all it was really enjoyable afternoon with special guests including Lord Mayor of Liverpool Hazel Williams and Mayor and Mayoress of the Wirral and also Knowsley and Sefton. All proceeds from tickets and programmes are going to an excellent charity that is the League of Welldoers.

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