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We are very grateful to Patricia Kennedy (ex Ashfield Gardens) and to Patrick Cuffe (ex Ashfield Gardens) for helping enlarge the archive collection of photographs on and about the parish of St Sylvester's by providing this webpage with a selection of photographs shown above which we feel sure will bring back memories. We also hope that readers who may have similar photographs will contact us so that we can add even more photographs onto this webpage.

St Sylvester's School Class

We thank Ronnie Cruikshank (nee Atkins) for providing two photographs for the St Sylvester's Parish webpage. Ronie tells us that the School Class photograph was taken about 1927 or 1929.

St Sylvester's cup Winners 1937

The School Football Team photo was taken in 1937 and pictures the successful St Sylvester's Team as winners of the Catholic Boys Association Junior Challenge Cup. Pictured on this photograph is Ronnie's brother Brian Atkins who Ronnie tells us went on to play for the Everton 'A' Team.

We welcome hearing from readers who may have other photographs of interest to the St Sylvester's Parish webpage.


We thank Billy Woods and Chris Brennan for helping us add to our collection of photographs for the St Sylvester’s Parish webpage by providing 3 photographs which picture St Sylvester’s School Football Teams.

We welcome hearing from readers who may have memories of these teams and indeed who may have other photographs they would like us to add to this webpage.

St Sylvester’s 1948-1949

St Sylvesters 1948-1949

C Brennan, (Mr Coughlan), E Sutton, J Turtle, J McNally, J Rossiter, S Broderick, (Andy Crowley) J White,
J McEvoy, T Ennis, C Freil, J Cashman, J Stephens

St Sylvester’s 1949-1950

St Sylvester’s 1949-l950

J Cashman, (Mr Coughlan), D Hughes, J Munro, P Lene, J Rossiter, (Mr Fitzgerald), J Stephens, J Turtle,
T Ennis, C Friel, S Broderick, C Brennan

St Sylvester’s 1950-1951

St Sylvester’s l950-1951

(Mr Coughlan), J Stepehns, J Westhoff, J McNally, J Kelly, G Doyle, J McEvoy, (Mr Sheridan) (Fr Barrow),
S Broderick, T Clinton, C Brennan, J Rossiter, J Smith, S McDonald (Fr Ames)

To accompany the photograph of the 1950-1951 St Sylvester’s School Football Team we also have a photocopy of the programme printed for the Catholic School’s Cup Final played at Anfield on Thursday May 17th 1951.

Cup Final Programme 1951

It is recorded that a crowd of 13,000 attended this Cup Final played between teams representing St Sylvester’s School and St Anthony’s School. The School’s Cup Final always attracted good support but it’s not hard to understand why there should be such a large crowd at this Cup Final as both schools and parishes are adjacent with many boys attending St Anthony’s school living in St Sylvester’s parish and vice versa. Both schools also had sporting traditions that extended right back to the beginning of Catholic School Football.

Mr J P Callaghan (Headmaster of St Sylvester’s) was for quite some time the President of the Liverpool Catholic Schools’ Athletic Association. Until 1931 this Association was in control of Catholic Schools’ Football in Liverpool. In 1931 when it came under the control of Liverpool School’s FA it was a Mr J Murray from St Anthony’s who was it’s first Chairman.

Prior to the Cup Final in 1951, St Sylvester’s had won the Cup in 1905, 1922, 1927, 1933, 1934 and 1948. St Anthony’s had won the Cup in 1920. 1931 and 1950.

St Sylvester’s won the Cup in 1951 and it’s reported that the successful team and crowds of jubilant supporters marched with the Cup from Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield ground – down Everton Valley and along Scotland Road to Sylvester Street to be greeted by many hundreds of St Sylvester’s parishioners.


St Sylvester's (Ashfield) 1949

We thank Sam Jewell for providing this photograph of 1949-1950 St Sylvester's RC Juniors Football Team (Ashfield Street) for our Archive section 'St Sylvester's Parish' webpage. Sam is pictured on the front row of the photograph. Also pictured on the front row is Johnny Morrisey. The school teachers pictured were Mr Owens and Mr Hurley. We welcome hearing from readers who can identify more faces and who may have memories of the team. We will be pleased to feature any additional information on the 'St Sylvester's Parish' webpage.

St Sylvester's 1951-1952

We will also be pleased to add information about this 1951-1952 photograph which pictures a successful St Sylvester's Football Team who were winners of the Catholic Boys Association Cup.


Dear Scottie Press, We would appreciate it if through the Scottie Press we could thank all the people who made us welcome and came over to talk to us at the St Sylvester's Reunion Night on Saturday 15th May. In the first place our thanks go to Dom Gregson who got in touch with us and invited us to the Reunion Night. We would also like to thank Billy Woods whose photographs of the old days in Scotland Road held sway at our table for a long time. We met John Fitzpatrick who played in the school football team with Johnny Morrisey. I remember Dad talking about that team. Later John Fenlon took us under his wing and introduced us to, or gave us names of, former school football team members including James Nesbitt, Mick Carroll, Sam Jewell and Roger Eaves. We enjoyed their reminiscences of life in their first year at St Sylvester's school with our Dad as their teacher and how he made lessons interesting and how they wished they could have had him for the next year too. We also met people who as children had been evacuated to Audlem and also people who had been members school choir and who had taken part in the school shows which my brother and I remember going to see in the 1940s and early 1950s - one of which was the Pirates of Penzance. Meeting all these people made the evening a special occasion for us - it was great talking and listening to you all.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Scottie Press, I really enjoy the Scottie Press website and I see some photographs on your St Sylvester's Parish webapge that bring back lots of memories. I went to St Sylvester's from 1939 to 1950 and I noticed a picture of a school pantomime you have displayed on the St Sylvester's Parish webpage. I am sure that I was in that pantomime.

Ashfield Cottages

My sister and I lived in Ashfield Cottages and we were evacuated to Cannock in Staffordshire with other children from St Sylvester's.

Yours sincerely,



ST Sylvester's Football Team 1935

We have been asked to get the names of the players pictured on this photo taken in 1935 which shows team members of a St Sylvester's Football Team who were winners of the Catholic Boys Association Senior Challenge Cup.


Footballers Reunion

On Saturday 15th May 2004, at the St Sylvester's Reunion Night, I met Gerry and Jimmy Tansey who both played football for local schools. Gerry played for St Sylvester's and Jimmy for St Gerard's. Also pictured on the photograph is Larry Carberry who played football for St Anthony's school before he eventually played for Ipswich Town.

Gerry Tansey played for the 1947/1948 - 1948/1949 St Sylvester's school football team and Jimmy Tansey played for football teams from St Gerard's school before St Gerard's and St Sylvester's schools amalgamated in 1946/47. I played in the same school football teams as Gerry and Gerry, Johnny Broderick and myself all played for the 1948/49 Liverpool Schoolboys Team.

Gerry Tansey signed for Everton when he left school and went on the ground staff - playing for Everton Colts and the A team. His football career at Everton was interrupted when he did his National Service. On his return from the services he played for Everton Reserves before going onto Tranmere Rovers.

Jimmy Tansey

Jimmy Tansey signed for Everton in 1952/53 and made 142 appearances for the first team - playing in the 'Left-back' position. Jimmy (who is pictured whilst at Everton) was well respected by the Everton supporters for being a whole-hearted and thoughtful player who missed only six League games in three seasons.

Also pictured on the photograph taken at the Reunion Night is Derek Temple who is a friend to both Gerry and Jimmy Tansey and who played for Everton. Many readers will remember Derek scoring the winning goal in the 1966 FA Cup Final.

Audlem Cheshire

I recently had a little reunion all of my own when I went to Audlem in Cheshire to where I was evacuated in 1939. My return visit at the end of May 2004 certainly brought back some memories for although I was only 5 in 1939 I still remember the town and the people I was billeted with (the Cresswells at Mosshall Farm). I also remember staying for a short time at Cholmondley Castle.

When back in Aulem I met with the Post-Mistress now in her 80s who was able to give me some interesting information. If any readers who were evacuated from St Sylvester's to Audlem would like to contact me my email address is


The first mass at St Sylvester's was in 1875 and was said in a large shed in Silvester Street. The influx of Roman Catholics into Liverpool led to a necessity for a church to be established in the area. Funds were raised from various sources to buy the site on which the shed stood. A Gothic style church of red brick was later built on the site and the first mass was said at this church in 1899.

St Sylvester's school was built at the top of Ashfield Street. The school opened in 1874 as a direct result of the Education Act of 1870. Attendance at first was poor, but this improved when school fees were abolished. The school was enlarged in 1900. A plot of land was acquired at the corner of Silvester Street and Latimer Street in 1911 for a new school to be constructed. This school was opened in 1915 with the first Headmaster being a Mr Cox. He was followed by Mr J P Callaghan.

This information about St Sylvester's Church and School is taken from text already established on the Scottie Press website projects webpage 'No Trees on Scotland Road'. We hope that by establishing this Archive webpage we will be able to create a comprehensive insight into the history of St Sylvester's Parish and by doing so assist efforts being made by Billy Woods to complete his book entitled 'No Trees on Scotland Road'. We welcome hearing from readers who may have photographs and memories to add to this Archive webpage,

May Queen Class Photo
Standard 1 Football Team with J P Callaghan, Daddy Lee and Tosh Moore
Football Team 1947
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Syllie Girls 1945 Slade Street VE Day
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