A Tribute to Father Fred Rose

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For nearly 40 years, Father Fred Rose was Priest of our parish. He will be sadly missed by many residents in the Vauxhall area. Father Rose was ordained in 1956. He came to live and work here in Vauxhall in 1971 from St Josephs and St Lawrence Kirby, serving in St Sylvester's, St Alphonsus' and St Gerard's. Father Rose was well known and respected for his strength of character and dedication to St Sylvester's church .

People will remember his early years, pilgrimages he made to Lourdes, France and to Medjugorje in Croatia each year. He encouraged many of us to accompany him on his spiritual pilgrimage of prayer and healing support from Our Lady. These trips brought parishioners closer to Father Rose, returning with stories of faith, friendship, wellbeing and fun, returning relaxed and recharged. We would welcome your accounts of these trips.

Becca Keating

Father Fred Rose was a very spiritual man and was very faithful to his priestly duties and to the people of this area. He had great care and consideration to his parishioners. He had great rapport with the children of the parish, which made the First Communions a special occasion at St Sylvester's. He generously and cheerfully welcomed everyone and was someone you could rely on. He had a great love of Our Lady and frequently visited Lourdes and especially Medjugorje. When the churches of St Alphonsus and St Gerard's closed he helped and supported the parishioners.

May he from his heavenly home help us in the coming months. May he rest in peace.

Sister Margaret Mary SND

St Sylvester's WW1 Christmas Wishes

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This hand written letter, along with a printed Christmas Card, was sent from St Sylvester's School in 1915 to a Pte Furlong who was serving in the RAMC . Pte Furlong was thought to be serving in the trenches at the time. The letter is signed by a pupil Edward Cunningham. It is not known by the Scottie Press whether the two were known personally to each other, or whether the practice of sending such morale boosting items was a government sponsored initiative. We are also keen to trace the fate of Edward Cunningham, born circa 1900 (?) If you have any information about this or own some similar correspondence please contact


Dear Scottie Press,

Your website features a photograph of former pupils of St Sylvester’s School who made their First Holy Communion in 1953. I am on this photo and I have tried to complete a list of all the other names.

St Sylvesters Holy Communion 1953

Up to now I have recognised Robbie Harkins, Jimmy Stamp, Jimmy Kenny, Tom White, Frank Cowley, Kevin McMullen, Jimmy Curran Pat Cuffe, Anne Davitt, Mary Donnelly, Anne Fagan, Helen Brazier, Joan Grocott, Anne Price, Irene O’Donnell and Roberta Holford. Perhaps your readers could shed more light on the missing names. I send you a photo picturing the other half of the class of 1953 who made their First Holy Communions. Amongst those pictured are Jimmy Flemming, Jackie Barr, Tommy Costello, Kathleen Kinsella, Aggie Connerty, Mary and Katleen Swain.

St Sylvesters Holy Communion 1955

I also send of photo from 1955 and among those making their First Holy Communions are my younger sister Maureen Cuffe (who was sadly killed in a road accident in 1963 aged 15) and Jimmy Clarke. Hopefully your readers will be able to identify more faces. The thought has struck me that a really good reunion could be organised for former pupils of St Sylvester’s School who made their First Holy Communions in the 1950s. If anyone shares my thoughts phone 01704 879 396.

Pat Cuffe.


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We thank Joan Walsh for providing this webpage with a First Holy Communion photo picturing former pupils of St Sylvester's School. Some of the names that Joan remembers are; Margaret Wallpole, Ann Fagan, Helen?, Mary Mcfarlane, Joan Groghcott, Pat Price, Pat Butler, Ann Davitt/Sutton, Carol Rodgers, Robbie Arkins, Pat Cuff and Father Barrow . We welcome hearing from readers who can identify more of the faces.


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Our thanks go to Rose Brown (nee Gray) formerly from St Martin's Place Liverpool 5 for sending the Scottie Press a photograph, which pictures pupils from St Sylvester's School who made their First Holy Communions in 1954.Rose tells us that she is on the photo (4th from the right bottom row). Some more names are Father Barrow, Pat O'Toole, Ester Balance, Sheila Mason, Christine White, Ann Longworth, Alice Farrell, Betty Davis, Mary Doyle and Willy Walpole. We would be pleased to hear from readers who can put more names to faces.

sylcom1.jpg - 27k

Rose has also sent the community newspaper another communion photo, which was taken the same day. Rose thinks it was taken inside a classroom in St Sylvester's but is not sure. The photo is dated 20th March 1954. The names of the girls pictured are printed on the back of the photos and listed from left to right are Betty Davies. Rose Gray. Ann Longworth. Alice Farrell. Pat O'Toole. Hester Balance. Mary Doyle. Sheila Mason. Rose is pictured 2nd from the left in front of the boy in the bow tie. Alas there are no boys names listed. Rose told the Scottie Press that she came across these photos when looking through some photos of her mother Rose Gray (nee Sullivan) who sadly passed away a couple of months ago.


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Dear Scottie Press. I send you a photograph and a school programme in the hope they bring back memories of St. Sylvester's in the 1950s. I noticed that this football photo was not included among the football team pictures on your website so I hope maybe this completes the set.

Larry McVeigh


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Hopefully this picture and others on this webpage will evoke happy memories of friends and feats in bygone days for many readers of the Scottie Press. The original photograph (above) was taken 52 years ago, and is in the proud possession of a Priest who is closely associated with these times when as chaplain to St Sylvester's Young Men's Society and St Sylvester's Youth Club between 1949 and 1954. His name is Father Cadogan, and it so happens that this year is the diamond jubilee of his ordination into the Priesthood. That means 60 years in the ministry.

It all began on 19th June 1946 in Ireland and he took up his first appointment in the R.C. Archdiocese of Liverpool at St Sylvester's Parish in Scotland Road, and it is there that he would like to commemorate his jubilee. The programme is humble and short. A Mass of Thanksgiving at St Sylvester's Church at 7pm on Friday 9th June 2006, followed by a re-union with a spot of supper at the Silvestrian Club.

Sadly it goes without saying that a fair number of the fine men in these pictures are on another shore, but many are still with us and it would make Father's jubilee if he could meet them once again on that evening. There are others as well, ladies as well as men who were involved with him in parochial activities, who would be most welcome.

All that is asked of would be participants is to notify JOHN McKENZIE on 0151 207 1406 or by post to 14A Vescock Street, Liverpool L5 8US. This is simply and solely to help the catering arrangements. In other words there is no collection, special or otherwise.


Throughout the last fifty years arguments have persisted concerning which was the greatest school's football team to ever come out of Scotland Road. In the pubs of Scotland Road and areas that encompass the former residents of the famous road, from Kirkby to Speke or as far as Canada and Australia these arguments continue.

I would submit that the 1944 - 1945 St Sylvester's Football Team was without a doubt the best. This football team had a record that no other schoolboy side has surpassed.


St Syvesters Dispatch Cup Winners 1945

Team members pictured are P Hoey, H Reynolds, J Bell, J Loftus, A Kelly, T Kenny, R Sharrock, A Downes, J Crighton, J Tompson, J Swanson, J Johnson.


Our thanks go to Lee Charters for providing this issue of the Scottie Press with two photographs picturing former pupils of St Sylvester's School.

 St Sylvester's Girls 1913

The photo above was taken on the roof of the school building in 1913 and the photo below, pictures boys attending the school in 1916.

St Sylvester's Boys 1916.jpg - 39k


Local Area Map

We thank Billy Woods for providing this webpage with a map of the St Sylvester's Parish area and surrounding roads and streets.


Our thanks go to John McKenzie for providing this webpage with three photographs hopefully bringing back memories of yesterdays in the parish of St Sylvester’s.

CYMS Footbal Team 1947

Pictured are members of the St Sylvester’s CYMS Football Team of 1947. This photo was taken on the roof of the Senior School in Sylvester Street.

CYMS Footbal Team 1950

The CYMS Team pictured in 1950 where photographed in Harthill Estate (part of Calderstones Park). Father Cadodgan who is pictured with the team on this photograph is now aged 83 and is the Chaplain in Ince Blundell Hall.

School Camp Staiths 1936

The photo of the boys at School Camp was taken in 1936. The boys went to Staiths on the East Coast. We welcome hearing from readers who may have memories of these photographs and or similar photographs for inclusion on this webpage.

ST SYLVESTER'S 1928 - 1929

St Sylvesters 1928.

Our thanks go to Maggie Halsall (nee McCarthy) for providing this archive webpage with two photographs picturing pupils of St Sylvester's School in 1928 and 1929.

St Sylvester's 1929

We also thank Maggie for listing some names - Maggie McCarthy, Kitty Ryan, Katy Houghton, Mary Lynn, Annie O'Brien, A. Stanley, Peggy Kazla, Peggy Donnelly, Nellie Murphy, Mary O'Hanlon and Maggie Curran.

We would be delighted to hear from readers who may be able to help with further identification of the faces on the photographs and or provide this webpage with similar photos etc.

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