The photograph of Rachel Street residents was taken sometime in the early 1930s.

We thank Mark Sinnot for the following letter naming some of the people pictured in the above photograph.

Hi, my name is Mark Sinnott and was browsing the archives and photos when I stumbled upon Rachel Street in the early 30,s. with the help of my dad he was able to put names to faces he recognised.

back row Lilly Tompkins Joan Westhoff (my aunt) ? ? ? ? Larry Sinnott (my grandad)

2nd row Kathleen Sinnott (my aunt) ? ? ? ? ?

3rd row ? Mary Ann Sinnott Katie Pratt Tom Pratt (my great grandad) Alice Pratt(my grandma)

Mrs Powell ?

4th row ? ? ? Julia Sinnott (my great grandma) ? ? ? ?

front row ? Christy Sinnott (my uncle) Larry Sinnott (my dad)

My dad married Rita Westhoff whose family ran a shop in Roscommon Street up to the mid 60,s. my aunt who lives next door to me was receptionist at the surgery of Dr Maskell and Marner at various locations in the area until their retirements. I will try to find out more about the photo if I can and try to fill in the gaps.

yours respectfully,


If you are on this photo or remember any of the faces we will be very pleased to print your memories on this page.

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