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Our thanks go to several website readers who contacted the Scottie Press with a mix of photographs featuring working horses. Both in commerce and agriculture horses literally made the wheels of Britain's industry go round. They worked in fields, in towns, on docks and quays, on canal towpaths, for mills and railways. There was a huge demand, for many, many years, for massive horses with great muscular strength and an even temperament. The men who looked after these horses often had intense pride in their animals.

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A painting (middle of three) by Tony Benson of a carting scene on the Dock Road by Millers Bridge has now been added to two other Tony Benson paintings on display at the Carling Gallery (Maggie May Café - Bold Street, Liverpool). The Liverpool ex Caters are hoping that money can be raised from the sale of the paintings to put towards their ongoing fundraise for their Liverpool Working Horse Monument.


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Dear Scottie Press, This photograph was taken at our monthly meeting on 9th December at the Dock Office, Albert Dock. The Horse & Cart pictured on the photograph is a magnificently detailed hand made cart that was presented to the Trustees by a Mrs Kelly of Ainsdale, whose father the late Ted Smith was employed as a Carter, by Wm Harper & Sons, Liverpool. It is hoped that the model will be displayed at the new Museum of Liverpool and should serve as a fitting tribute to the working horses of Liverpool, and the men who drove them. Also a big asset to the new Museum will be several documents given to the Carters Group by John Boyce (a Director of Tilley Hire Ltd - Boundary Street). The documents (from the Cart & Motor Association of Liverpool) contained details dating back to 1880 among which were Carters' rates of pay and working conditions. John also brought along a Silver Goblet that had been presented to his father for the Centenary of the Cart & Motor Association in 1976.  Joe Hartley

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The city of Liverpool owes a debt of gratitude to the Liverpool Carter and to the Liverpool Working Horse. The 250 years service that these horses gave to the port and city of Liverpool is to be formally recognised with a monument sited at Hartley Quay, Albert Dock. Fundraising for this monument has been ongoing for over 5 years and is featured on our Carters Webpage Click Here to visit now.

By featuring Carters and their Horses on the archive section of the Scottie Press website we hope to be able to display an increased range of photographs and we welcome hearing from readers who may wish to provide photographs for this webpage.

If you would like more information about The Liverpool Working Horse Monument Fundraise Appeal contact Jimmy Doran - doro@blueyonder

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 Goree Piazzas 1913 coll1.jpg - 20k
coll8.jpg - 20k Gilbert and Prince Labour Day Parade
Mickey Ryan Team John Taylors
jarvis.jpg - 16k George Fletcher Team George Tullock
Pownall Square1906 Saltney Street
coll 9.jpg - 11k Well Earned Break
Parade Quick Pint
Princess Park

Carters Horses

Pictured above are a fine pair of working horses who were one of the last teams to do railway shunting on 'Birkenhead Docks and Birkenhead Lairage. The photograph was taken around 1949 and the horses were owned by J. Perrin of Birkenhead.