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The Scottie Press is Britain's longest running community newspaper having been published originally in February 1971. Since that time the paper has endeavoured to promote the Scotland Road and Vauxhall area and its residents by printing a good mix of articles and photographs centred on the events happening in one of the most famous areas of Liverpool.

In May 2000 the Scottie Press established this website which currently has over 500,000 hits per year and is proving to be a very popular way of enabling readers world wide to enjoy the past, present and future of the Vauxhall and Scotland Road area.

Cuts in funding to the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council means that the future of the Scottie Press Newspaper and Website are put in jeopardy including the many plans and projects that the community newspaper hopes to see materialised in the future. With your support we can continue to develop this unique grass roots community newspaper and digital archive.

You can donate online (click on one of the buttons below) through PayPal, a secure online service, or by post to Scottie Press Appeal, Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council, Silvester Street, Liverpool, L5 8SE. Please make cheques payable to Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council.

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